Exercise Programs for Kids

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How do we ensure that our children remain physically active during their development?

We must include exercises and activities that they enjoy and want to participate in. This training program does exactly that, our kid’s training program has been specifically designed with the fun element in mind.

Exercise Programs for Kids

With the rise of technology, how do we make sure that our kids remain active throughout their childhood?

If you are searching for a way to get your children moving, At Home’s kids’ home exercises are a great way to incorporate exercise into their day. Our training program is designed to motivate children, placing a high level of importance on fun as well as fitness.

Did you know that the kids of today are the most inactive generation and this inactivity is setting them up for a life of ill health, poor self-esteem and early diseases?

Mums and Dads – can you remember how active you were as a child? Remember running around outside until your parents called you in for dinner and when it was safe to walk or ride everywhere? Times have changed, our society has rapidly progressed and as so publicly reported, the ever increasing childhood obesity situation is largely due to our children being physically inactive.

Generally, very young children are quite active, however, as the years progress the level of inactivity decreases – girls becoming less active than boys. Statistics indicate that 25% of all Australian children are overweight – a distinct rise from 5% in the 1960’s. A more frightening factor is that childhood obesity is rising at an annual rate of 1% per year, meaning that by the year 2025 50% of all Australian children will be overweight. Taking into account these figures, it becomes apparent why exercise programs for kids are so important.

Such inactivity during these younger years has been attributed to an increased risk of serious health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and asthma in later life.

So how do we ensure that our children remain physically active during their development? Our aim is for children to be active for at least 30 minutes each day of the week – for young children, physical activity can be in the form of play. For the older child it can include individual or group sports and/or activity groups such as Scouts Australia.

What are the benefits of at home exercises for kids?

  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Strengthening for bone formation and development
  • Weight management
  • Overall muscular strength, endurance and fitness for everyday activities
  • Development of both fine and gross motor control
  • Skill Development
  • Improved balance, co-ordination and muscle control
  • Decreased risk of serious health issues later in life
  • Social integration and interaction with other children and adults

When implementing an exercise program for kids, it needs to be fun and safe. At Home’s program ticks all the boxes – it’s enjoyable, and it can be completed in the comfort of your own home.

Our home exercises, designed specifically for kids, will get them up and about enjoying exercise in no time. Our programs are not only affordable, but also very accessible; get started immediately in the comfort of your own home. Our exercises for kids are designed to bring fun into their exercise routine, and they feature an animated personal trainer who they are sure to love. Known as “B”, this animated personal trainer provides tips throughout the exercise routine for maximum benefit.

Our at home exercises for kids eliminate the need to purchase expensive gym equipment. We have plenty of suggestions for other everyday items you can use instead, delivering great results without the cost usually associated with fitting out a home gym. Our exercise program for kids makes it easy for mums and dads to improve their kids’ fitness levels and set them up for a long, healthy life!

For kids, if it’s not fun it won’t happen. As parents, you’re sure to know that. At Home ensures all kids’ programs are fun-filled – your kids will just love getting involved. Our programs also facilitate parental interaction, so you can get involved as well! As a program that can be completed at home, you can also rest assured your children are safe and sound at all times.

Our programs target strength, fitness and suppleness for an all-round workout that delivers exceptional results. Our program covers a warm up, a full body strength workout, cooling down and also stretches – we have all of your health and fitness needs covered!

Our exercise program for kids follows the general training principles of F.I.T.T:

  • Frequency – How often should your kids exercise?
  • Intensity – How hard should their exercise routine be?
  • Time – How long should they exercise for?
  • Type – What exercises are best for children?

Want to make sure you kids are happy and healthy for life? Set the ball rolling by making exercise part of their daily routine.



Scouts Australia www.scouts.com.au

Further Information

visit www.healthinsite.gov.au – this site offers links to various topics and helpful information on childhood obesity and is provided by the Australian Government.