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The same exercise recommendations apply to seniors as to all other age groups so how and what exercises should you be performing? This training program answers those questions by providing you with a specifically designed program that is safe and effective for seniors and aims to lengthen your quality of life, allowing for greater independence and improved overall general health.

An Affective At Home Exercise Program for Seniors

The Council on the Ageing (COTA), in association with the Australian Barbell Company states that strength training should be included in exercise routines for seniors.

Seniors, alongside all other age groups, should partake in regular exercise. At Home’s training program for seniors can provide you with a specifically designed routine that is safe and effective for seniors, incorporating exercises that boost fitness levels and increase strength. A regular exercise routine can lengthen lifespan and improve your quality of life, helping you to remain both healthy and independent. If you are looking for a program that assists with at home weight loss for seniors, ours is ideal.

As the years progress many physiological changes occur to our bodies. It is also apparent that physical inactivity is the highest in senior adults than any other age group – yet exercises for seniors are still vitally important. There are numerous reasons for such a decline on physical activity, however, loss of independence and advanced age appear to be the primary causes.

The same exercise recommendations apply to the senior adult as to all other age groups. A daily inclusion of 30 minutes per day for most to all days of the week is recommended for obvious health benefits and for a positive lifestyle effect. The mode of exercise for seniors will be entirely dependent upon such variables as work capacity, balance and health and orthopaedic problems.

Now meeting the above exercise requirement does not mean that you have to be chained to a treadmill or be made to take an aerobics class. Modes of exercise for this population can be in the form of housework, gardening, and gentle walking as well as outside yard work among others. Each of these activities will ensure you as the senior adult will meet the daily exercise quota recommended. Moderate exercise such as gardening will ensure that your cardiovascular fitness is maintained. However, for an overall lifestyle effect it is recommended that cardiovascular exercise be complimented and combined with resistance exercise to ensure that muscular strength is both developed and maintained throughout the ageing years.

An effective seniors’ home exercise program should combine both cardio fitness and resistance training, as this can work to slow down or even improve some of those age related changes that occur to our bodies. Resistance training can help to maintain (and in some cases increase) muscular strength, whilst also maintaining bone density. The benefits extend beyond this, as resistance training can also improve balance, motor control and mobility. Taking these benefits into account, it’s easy to see how an effective exercise program can actually increase your lifespan and help you to retain your independence for longer.

Many senior adults are unaware of how to exercise and as to what exercises you should be performing. This is where AT HOME CAN HELP. We have designed a safe and effective at home exercise program for seniors which aims to lengthen your quality of life, allowing for greater independence and improved overall general health.

As with our other programs, our training programs for seniors are designed to be carried out in the comfort of your own home. These programs are affordable and easy to access – simply download them today and get started. When you enlist our help, you will receive a complete program designed to assist you in achieving better health – from exercises through to diet. When it comes to at home weight loss for seniors, this program is ideal as it comes with body measurement instructions and a recording sheet to help you chart your progress.

Our comprehensive exercise programs will help you to effectively target the three major components of fitness – strength, stamina and suppleness! Our seniors’ program includes a warm up, full-body strength workout, cool down and even stretches to ensure your exercise session provides you with the best possible results.

In addition to the major components, our at home exercise programs for seniors always follow the general training principles of F.I.T.T:

  • Frequency: How often should you train?
  • Intensity: How hard should you train?
  • Time: How long should your training session last?
  • Type: What should you do to achieve your goal?

So let’s start your at home senior exercise program today and live a long healthy life!


1. ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, 6th Edition, 2000.

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